Reporting a bug to the Nmag developers

Create a bug report

We created a script to collect information about your system and the problems Nmag may have encountered. If you are using the release candidate then this script can be found in the main directory of the distribution, and has the name build_bug_report. If you are using the old, officially released, version, then this file is not present and you need to download by clicking here. You should place the file under the directory containing the nmag distribution (typically named nmag-0.1).
For example,

cd nmag-0.1
mv ~/Downloads/build_bug_report .

(here it is assumed that you saved the file in the folder ~/Downloads)
Now you should just run the script (from the directory nmag-0.1):

bash build_bug_report

The script should generate a file named bug-report.tgz.
Please send it together with a description of the problem to the Nmag developers.

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