Patch to fix a bug arising when dealing with periodic systems

The last released version of Nmag (0.1 beta (6481)) is affected by a bug which emerges when simulating a periodic system (see this example in the manual). The issue appears when saving data to file and leads to the interruption of the simulation with the following error messages:

File "/home/username/src/nmag-0.1/lib/python2.6/site-packages/tables/",
line 191, in __init__
  % type(atom)
ValueError: atom parameter should be an instance of tables.Atom and you passed a <type 'tuple'>.

To solve the issue you should download the following file and use it to replace the file nmag-0.1/nsim/interface/nfem/ For example,

cd nmag-0.1 # Enter the directory where Nmag is
cp nsim/interface/nfem/

Here we use wget to download the file from the command line, we then use cp to transfer the file to the proper location. You may achieve the same effect in a different way (downloading the file with your browser and copying to the right location).

This should solve the issue.

Also available in: HTML TXT